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Dried Sea Cucumber AAA 16oz (453.6g)

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    • Brand: Tak Shing Hong
    • Origin: Mexico
    • Grade: AAA


    • What is Sea cucumbers? They are marine animals of the class Holothuroidea, They are used in fresh or dried form in various cuisines.
    • Nutritional analysis of sea cucumber:
    1. Sea cucumber with low cholesterol and fat, is a typical high-protein, low fat, low cholesterol food.
    2. Sea cucumber contains chondroitin sulfate. This may help the body's growth and development, to slow down aging muscles, and enhance the body's immune system.
    3. Sea cucumber contains vanadium, a trace elements. It can participate in the transport of iron in the blood, and enhance hematopoietic function (making of red blood cells).
    4. Recently, U.S. researchers extracted from the sea cucumber a special material - sea cucumber toxins, the compound can inhibit a wide range of fungi and certain human cancer cell growths and metastasis (the spreading of cancer to other parts of the body)

    Additional Info.

    Origin Mexico
    Grade AAAA
    Brand Tak Shing Hong
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