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Electric Heating Pack KRWHP8110 KY-8110

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    • name: Electric Heating Pack KRWHP8110 KY-8110
    • brand: EAST BEST
    • origin: China
    • mode: KRWHP8110
    • rated power: 600W
    • rated voltage: 120V


    • name: Electric Heating Pack KRWHP8110 KY-8110
    • brand: EAST BEST
    • origin: China
    • mode: KRWHP8110
    • rated power: 600W
    • rated voltage: 120V
    • function:
      1.This produce is a new generation of electrically heated hot waterpacks with a thermo-regulator that automatically shuts off the heat once it reaches the desired temperature.
      2.When water in the sealed chamber is heated, vaporized gas is generated which may make the bag awell-this can be easily released by apply light pressure to the""pressure release valve""
      3.Super strong plastic composite fibre utilizing the latest thermal bonding seal technique provides protection against leaking.
      4.Excellent for use during the colder months or to help relax muscles after exercise or sport.
      5.No re-filling required after initial fill.
      6.After charging for approximately 8-15 minutes the product will supply heat for 2-3 hours depending on whether it is being used indoors or outdoors.
    • directions for use:
      1. Locate red disc/cap on the top of Hot Water Bottle and slide cap to the left and up to reveal AC input. Plug power lead into input and plug into powerpoint.
      2. Charge for 8-15 minutes. Red light will go off automatically when fully chargeed.
      3. Remove power lead, slide disc shut to it's original position and the Heating Pack is now ready for your desired use. Heating Oack will remain warm for up to 3hrs indoors and 2hrs outdoors.
    • user instructions:
      1.When using for the first time check for any signs of damage or leaking. Do not use if any are apparent.
      2.Place the unit onto a stable, heat-proof, flat surface for charging with the electrical input side facing upwards. Never charge the unit with the electrical input side facing down.
      3.Insert charger into the socket on the product and plug the adaptor into your electrical outlet.
      4.A small amount of noise while heating is normal.
      1. This product is not intended for use by persons(including children)with reduced sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience or knowledge unless they have been given instruction concerning its use by a person responsible for their safety.
      2. Check product regularly for signs of damage or wear. Do not use if any are apparent.
      3. Keep out of reach of children. Adults only should charge this peoduct.
      4. Do not leave the product unsupervised during the charging process and never heat the product in any other way then outlined in these instructions.
      5. Always charge on a flat, heatproof surface. NEVER charge with the plug section faced down.
      6. Do not charge on a ded, quilt or any heat sensitive surface.
      7. Never use the product while it is charging or connected to a power source and always remove from the power source after charging.
      8. Not suitable for infants, animals, person with reduced mobility, or those with a sensitivity to heat.
      9. Do not place any weight on the product during heating as this may compromise the pressure release valve.
      10. Do not wash or use strong solvents as this may damage the unit. Use a soft damp cloth to gently wipe over.
      11. Do not allow any sharp objects to contact the product. If the unit shows any signs of leaking discontinue use immediately.
      12. If product swells during charging immediately remove from power source. Wait for the unit to cool down. Use pressure release valve to release excess vapor.
    • packing size: 18*28*5cm
    • weight: 1.1kg

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    Origin China
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