【Black Friday】10款应用,让你成为黑五购物达人(上)


Black Friday. You either love it, or you hate it.



Many people cannot wait for the busiest shopping day of the holiday season to arrive.

The deals are unbelievable and there is so much money to be saved as you shop your Christmas List. But, it comes with a price.



Many avoid all stores, at all costs, when Black Friday comes about. But, we are here to help you maximize your savings, stay on budget and complete your shopping list all while keeping your cool.



Here’s Our Top Ten Tips On How YOU Can Be A Black Friday Talent:



1. Think outside of the box, the box store that is! You can find terrific money-saving deals in boutiques, drug stores and local restaurants. Boutiques want your business just as much as the “giants,” and you’ll be surprised at what you can find and save!



2. Avoid the Crowds.  I’ve been known to shop at drug stores during Black Friday. They have FAB deals that even come with store rewards, and they’re not crowded at all! I make my list, check it twice and break out my Talent Shopping skills and I’m in and out of the store quicker than you can say Merry Christmas!




3. Plan Ahead. I cannot stress enough that planning can make the difference in your Black Friday shopping experience. Make a list. Set a Budget. Plan your shopping route! When planning your route, you’ll want to shop at the stores that have that “hot product” first. Also, be sure to list all the items needed from each store in order of the store layout. This will make your shopping trip move smoother.




4. Be prepared to expect to find your items in unexpected places. Stores can be tricky like that. Don’t get too discouraged when you cannot find that item on your list in its usual area in the store. They may not have sold out, the items may be placed in a very odd place. One year I found electronics in the frozen foods section. Strange! You just never known, when it doubt… ask a clerk!




5. Snag the Deal with minimal effort. The easiest way to shop… stay home in your pjs and avoid the crowds as you comfortably sit on your couch shopping online. With the click of a button, you can snag that deal. Many avoid online shopping due to shipping fees, but a majority of online stores offer free shipping on Black Friday!

Shoping Online



6. Gift uniquely. Talents must not think like the crowd. What if you shopped at an antique store this year? No crowds, great gifts! You could truly give a one of a kind gift and not have to fight for it.


高手不会像那些蜂拥的人群,只知道对一些Shoing More趋之若鹜。他们会去一些特殊的地方,比如说古玩商店。如果你对一款古玩觊觎已久,这个时候可以入手了,省钱不说,也不用为了它去跟人群战斗。


7.  The early bird gets the worm. Stores often offer extra savings to those early risers. Some even give gifts to those who get to the store early. Be sure to check out the stores in your area if they offer any early discounts.




8. Two skilled Talents are Better than One!  Shop with a friend. Divide and conquer to get those deals. You may be able to score everything on your list when you work as a team.




9. Have Secret “Weapons!”  Any good Talent will have many weapons. And, when it comes to Black Friday Shopping, there’s no exception. Bring your coupons. Deepen your discounts by topping off that fab sale with a coupon. Be sure to read the fine print, for the sale and on the coupon. Talents must be well informed.




10. Master Self-Control.  Stick to that shopping list! Just because something is on sale, doesn’t mean that you NEED it. A deal is only a deal if you truly can utilize the product. Don’t break your budget, don’t buy more than what is needed. With all those amazing deals, you’ll need to have mastered self-control.