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Brand Introduction

tsEMPORIUM Inc. is the Largest Provider of Traditional Chinese Medicine, American Ginseng, & Asian Delicacies in the Americas.

Established in 1979, we are operating five retail stores in the greater Los Angeles area. Our business also encompasses wholesale and E-commerce on

Brand Purpose

Our goal at tsEMPORIUM® is to promote the benefits of American Ginseng, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and nutritious goods, so everyone can enjoy healthier lives.

Competitive Advantage

With 40 years of heritage, tsEMPORIUM® branded product means our trademark of validation for intimately knowing the environment and condition our natural herbal products were grown in.

The traceability allows us to ensure the utmost quality in our products. Combine with our decades of knowledge and smart sourcing, we have earned a reputation of providing “The Most Excellent Value” to our customers!

tsEMPORIUM® has the most complete line of:

  • Premium American Ginseng from Wisconsin, USA.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine including natural herbal remedies, pills, gels, and ointments.
  • Nutritious natural goods from around the world, including Cordyceps, Swallow’s Nest, dried sea cucumbers, scallops, mushrooms and more.

In addition to our core products, tsEMPORIUM® also carries thousands of products under these categories: fresh produce from local farms, groceries, electronics, cook wares, and unique Chinese ornaments.

5 Store Addresses

Contact Us

Mon ~ Fri 10am ~ 6pm Pacific 626-322-2800

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