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Shopping Process


1Registration and Login
  • 1. New user registration: Click "Join Free" at the top of the homepage to get to registration page. At the registration page, fill out first and last name, email address, password and follow the prompts to complete the registration.
  • 2. Already have an account: Click "Sign in" at the top of the homepage to enter the login page, then enter the email address and password to log in.

2Add to Shopping Cart
  1. After selecting the product, you can click “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart".

  2. In the shopping cart page, the system defaults that the purchase quantity of each item is 1 piece. If you want to purchase more than one item, you can modify the item quantity.

  3. In the shopping cart page, you can delete items individually or in batches.

3Submit Order
  • 1. After browsing the product, you can select the quantity you would like to purchase and click “Buy Now”, this will bring you to the shopping cart page and you can checkout from there.
  • 立即购买
  • 2. You can also select the amount of each item you would like to purchase and click “Checkout”. At shopping cart page, you can choose to buy gift box packaging and remove price tag for the item you purchased.
  • 去结算
  • 3. Fill in the consignee information, use the cash reward and discount codes (if applicable), select payment method and shipping method.
  • 填写购物人信息,收货信息,使用优惠券等


1. After confirming all information is correct, choose shipping method, then click “Submit Order”.

支付货款 支付货款

2. At the Cashier Desk page, fill out your payment information. T S EMPORIUM offers a variety of payment methods: credit card, PayPal, Alipay and WeChat payment.


5Check Order Status
Under “Member Center” at the top of the page, click “My Order” to view order details. 查看订单状态

6Order Status

You can check the status of your order under “Member Center” → “My Order”

  • 1. If you order status shows “Completed”

    - When you submit and paid for the order, order status will show as completed.。

  • 2. If you order status shows “Closed”

    - When your order has been closed, the order status will show “Order Closed.”

  • 3. If you order status shows “Cancelled”

    - After payment, but before your order is shipped, if you cancel the order, our customer service will set the order as cancelled.