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Payment Method

  • Credit Card Payment Method

    For the convenience of our customers, accept a variety of credit card payments. Customers in China only support dual-currency cards – VISA, MasterCard, Discovery, and American Express. The transaction will be settled after your order is submitted. Please confirm that the payment information is consistent with the information reserved in the cardholder’s bank account. If payment declines, it is recommended to contact the issuing bank for details.

    If there are duplicate transaction records on your bank statement, but the order is not successfully placed (you did not receive a confirmation email from T S EMPORIUM), and your bank account records show “pending” or “processing”, then it means the bank has temporarily freeze your transaction, and we have not received your payment. Please wait patiently for 3 business days. Generally, the bank will automatically cancel the transaction, if the bank account record confirms transaction have processed, please contact our T S EMPORIUM customer service in time to report this situation (you may need to provide a screenshot of your user information and payment record), and we will handle for you in time.

  • Alipay Payment Method

    If you already have an Alipay account, you can choose Alipay for payment at checkout. Users in China is recommended to use Alipay. If you do not know how to use Alipay, please click Alipay Help .

  • PayPal Payment Method accepts PayPal, you can choose PayPal for payment at checkout, please ensure that you have enough funds for payment to prevent any delay in processing your order.

    ***Note: In order to protect your rights and payment security, you may receive an email from or receive a call from T S EMPORIUM customer service to verify relevant information.