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Refund Instructions

Prior to submitting your refund request, please ensure that your product complies with the return policy. If T S EMPORIUM customer service staff approved your refund application, the fund will be refunded to your account according to the payment method you used at the time of purchase. Refund will process within 7 business days.

Shipping Cost Refund Instruction

Reasons for ReturnShipping CostReturn Shipping CostRemarks
Customer’s personal reason Customer responsible for shipping cost Customer responsible for shipping cost We do not accept private returns
Logistics distribution, 3rd party & TS EMPORIUM reason T S EMPORIUM responsible for shipping cost T S EMPORIUM responsible for shipping cost Shipping cost will be allocated in proportion to the price of the product. The shipping fee returned by customer will returned to customer’s account.


If you have mail in the returned products and products is review by T S EMPORIUM customer service and does not affect future use or sale, your refund amount will process after customer service confirm receipt of returned package.


Coupon Refund Instruction

Coupon TypeReturn Method
Cash Rewards  No return
Direct deduction cash coupons After product return process has completed, used cash coupon will returned


During the refund process, discounted coupon amount will not be refunded. The amount of direct deductible cash coupons will be refunded to customer in the form of cash coupons or points after the refund process is completed.

Thank you for your understanding!


Cash reward refund instructions

T S EMPORIUM cash reward are a preferential shopping method provided by Customers who hold cash rewards can us the rewards to purchase corresponding cash coupons or deduct the value of goods.

Customers who use cash rewards to purchase products (excepts for special products) can enjoy normal return and exchange services.


When products purchased with cash rewards are returned, the cash rewards paid by the customer will automatically returned to the customer’s account.


If products are purchased with cash rewards are returned, the validity period of the returned account will not change.


T S EMPORIUM has the right to cancel products purchased by customers as rewards for maliciously obtained or illegally obtained cash rewards.