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Return Process

When customer applies for a return or exchange online, please ensure:

  1. The outer packaging of the product is intact, without opening, and the relevant attachments (accessories) are complete.
  2. No scratches, no damage, no traces of use, etc. on the surface of the product.
  3. No signs and labels are torn, modified or altered.
  4. If there are gifts, they must also be returned.
  5. Please be sure to return the included accessories, manuals, invoices, etc. along with the product.

Step 1: Fill out request return application.

(a) Please fill out the return application form within the return and exchange period (please pay attention to the return and exchange policy). You need to select the processing method in the return application form, fill in your order number, product name, quantity, and detailed return reason.

(b) After the return application form is completed, send an email to with the return request form and a clear photo related to the product.

Step 2: Wait for T S EMPORIUM customer service confirmation.

(a) Except in the case of non-compliance with the return and exchange policy, after the return application is submitted, customer service will complete the confirmation within 1 to 3 business days and will communicate with you via email and telephone once confirmation is completed.

(b) Customer will be responsible for return shipping cost if damaged is caused by personal reasons.

Step 3: Send return product to T S EMPORIUM

(a) After the return and exchange application is approved, please return the original packaging, products, accessories, manuals, invoices, etc., if there are gifts, they must be returned, and if these are missing, no full refund can be made.

(b) If the product is not returned within 14 business days after the return application is approved, the return application will be cancelled.

Step 4: T S EMPORIUM received return products, process refund and return.

After T S EMPORIUM have confirmed receiving the returned products, we will proceed to process refund or exchange within 7 business days. The amount will be refunded according to the payment method you used at the time of purchase.


***Please note:

  1. If the product does not comply with the return policy of, customer will be responsible for all shipping costs.
  2. Please ensure your return application is approved prior to mailing your returned products to us, T S EMPORIUM is not responsible for package lost due to unapproved return.
  3. T S EMPORIUM is not responsible for package delivered incorrectly or lost due to incorrect or incomplete shipping information provided by customer.

Return Policies (Return Standard)

Types of ReturnOverviewRemarks
Quality issue Original copy of the test report or the certification document confirmed by the brand to be a quality problem T S EMPORIUM will be responsible for return shipping cost
Missing goods Products inside the package are damaged, spilled during the logistics process, including but not limited to the above cases, Need to provide picture, T S EMPORIUM will be responsible for return shipping cost
Product is in good condition and unopened Customer returned due to personal reasons, confirmed by T S EMPORIUM customer service Need to provide picture, customer is responsible for return shipping cost



  1. After customer confirms receipt of products, customer can apply for return and exchange if it is non-customer liability. Non-customer liability generally refers to things such as: damaged and spillage caused by shipping, quality problems of the product itself, wrong delivery or missing delivery in the warehouse, and complete inconsistency with the description of the information from website.
  2. For multiple products of the same order, only a single or multiple product that meet the above-mentioned return criteria will be provided with the return service, and it will not be extended to the combination of all products.
  3. The return of products purchased using coupons, points or rebate activities will be converted in proportion to the actual amount you paid, and then the return settlement will be carried out. When the whole order is returned, the cash coupons and points are refundable, and the full coupons are not refundable.

***Special Note: Returns are not allowed in the following situations:

  1. There is a special note on the product details page that “7-day returns are not supported”, it is not a quality problem or a delivery problem, and returns are not supported.
  2. Any product not sold by T S EMPORIUM will not be returned.
  3. Quality problem caused by customer’s unauthorized modification of the product will not be returned.
  4. The product image and information on the webpage are for reference only. The color difference between the actual product and the webpage promotional images may be caused by the shooting lights and the color difference of difference displays. This is not a quality problem and will not be returned.