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Customs Tariff (China)

  • All packages shipping from are shipped from Los Angeles, USA and directly to China in the form of personal parcels. Customs clearance is carried out through formal customs clearance channels. All operations are carried out in accordance with customs laws and regulations and to ensure the timeliness of customs clearance.

    After the package enters the country, all packages are randomly selected by local customs for package inspection, therefore, you will not need to pay tax every time you shop. If your package is randomly selected for customs exam, please contact T S EMPORIUM customer service as soon as possible, and our customer service team will assist you through the process.

Coupon (Discount Code) Description

  • 1. What is coupon (or discount code)?

    (a) coupons are distributed by T S EMPORIUM. E-coupon or discount code with a valid period of use and corresponding discounts. They are available and only used when you place an order on The discounted amount of goods payable, the amount of freight, or the amount of taxes cannot be redeemed or used for other purposes.

    (b) T S EMPORIUM reserves the right of final interpretation for all rules of coupons (or discount codes).

  • 2. How to get coupons (or discount codes)?

    (a) By Purchasing:
    - When some products are on sale, below information will prompt. “After your order is placed, the coupon (discount code) will automatically issue to your account.”

    (b) Obtain Coupons by Participating in Activities:
    - Participate in discount activities for the entire order, various user surveys, comment of price-winning activities, social media sharing, free coupon collection activities, etc., if you participate in the activity according to the corresponding activity rules, you have a chance to get coupons.

    ***T S EMPORIUM will adjust the method of obtaining coupons (or discount codes) from time to time as needed. Please follow the specific instructions on the website. T S EMPORIUM does not recognize any coupons obtained from unofficial channels. Such coupons are invalid if found.

Cash Reward Description

  • 1. How to get Cash Rewards?

    (a) Method 1:

    - Registered users of can get corresponding Cash Rewards for the cash paid for every successful transaction order.

    - The higher the membership level, the more Cash Rewards (for example: Gold level members can get 2% Cash Rewards for every dollar spent, see membership system for details). The Cash Rewards are valid for 1 year, starting from the day of acquisition.

    (b) Method 2:
    - Obtain Cash Rewards by participating in activities. When participating in various user research, commenting on reward activities, sharing on social media, etc., if you participate in the activity according to the corresponding activity rules, you will have the opportunity to receive corresponding rewards.

  • 2. How to check your Cash Rewards?

    After logging into your account, at the top of the page, go to “Member Center, then click “My Cash Reward” to view your accumulated Cash Rewards.

  • 3. How to use your Cash Rewards?

    Cash Rewards can be used to deduct as cash at the time of checkout and cannot not be used to deduct taxes or shipping cost. After the Cash Rewards deduction, the corresponding accumulated value will automatically be deducted. When the order is cancelled or refunded, the used Cash Rewards will be refunded to your account. Cash Rewards cannot be transferred or combined.