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KangZhu Cupping Kit 12pcs

除湿驱寒 拔毒祛病
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Item:Cupping Kit

Brand:Kangzhu(Beijing kangda World Medical Appliance Center)


Size:12 pcs

Mode A, B and C Kangzhu series cupping devices developed and manufactured by Beijing kangda World Medical Appliance Center are the novel and excellent instrument for physiotherapy and healthcare integrated with traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology. Their operation is easy, safe and reliable, so they are warmly welcomed by customers.

Chinese traditional cupping therapy has a long history, popularly spread everywhere, and is commonly called "TCM Cupping". The "Kangzhu Cupping" series products are pushed out by Beijing Kangda World Appliance Medical Center cast away such disadvantages of ancient cupping therapy as inconvenience in operation, getting burn eaily, no safety, limited treating sites, and limited scope of applications, and change the dispelling air by fire to air exhaust by vacuum, allowing the cupping device sucked on the surface acupoints of the body to cause local congestion, Which can promote free passage in human channels and collaterals, eliminate windevil and wetness-evil, expel coldness-evil and remove toxins, cure diseases and strengthen human bodyoetc.

They can be used in clinical treatment and household self-health care.

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