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EU YAN SANG Bak Foong Yun Sachets 24bags/84g

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Origin: China

Net Weight: 24bags/84g

Packing: 24x1x(24x3.5g)/Case

Expiration: See Package Date

EU YAN SANG Bak Foong Yun Sachets




It's been called many names, "the burden" being one of them.  And for many women, that time of the month can sometimes feel like one.  If you are one of these women, there's help.


For generations, Eu Yan Sang's Gold Label Bak Foong Pills have been the natural long-term remedy of choice when it comes to coping with monthly discomforts.  It contains only the best ingredients and is manufactured by Eu Yan Sang's GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001 certified manufactured arm.  Made from an age-old prescribed formula, Eu Yan Sang's Gold Label Bak Foong Pills are suitable for the hectic lifestyles of today's women.  With regular consumption, not only will it help alleviate menstrual symptoms, improve the health of your womb and maintain vitality so that you can be your best at all times.


The properties of Eu Yan Sang's Gold Label Bak Foong Pills have helped many women find comfort in their daily lives.  They are always in control and feeling their best all the time, every time, even during the time of the month.



Recommended Dosage:

  • For promoting youth and general well-being: one sachet daily.
  • To relieve discomforts due to menstruation and improve general health: four sachets daily or two sachets twice daily in morning and night, to be taken three times weekly.
  • For promote recovery after childbirth: to be taken after labor discharge (usually 10 days after childbirth), four sachets twice daily in morning and night.



  • Not to be taken while suffering from cough, fever, influenza, or during pregnancy, breast-feeding or menstruation.


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